The Zero App.

A new way to Mobile.

The Zero App gives you the power to reduce your bill to $0 each month by simply interacting with it in your everyday life.  In the beta stage, you can use invites to get ongoing credits and gain early access to the release of Zero Shoutouts and Marketplace. 

*You will need to download and install the Zero App to register and activate your service.


Invite friends and family members during the beta stage and receive $9 per month credit, as long as both the you and the invited member are active and paying customers of Zero SG.

  • Optional - Switch it on or off any time on the Zero App
  • Choose up to 20 friends and family members to send the invite through the Zero App
  • If any of these numbers become active with Zero Mobile within 6 months, you will start receiving the credit each month
  • Invites expire after 6 months. Maximum of 5 active invite credits
  • Only the first subscriber to have referred a number get the credits


We deliver content, deals and offers to you. Like or reject the messages. As we learn more about what you like, our algorithm ensures you get the most relevant content.

  • Optional - Switch it on or off any time on the Zero App
  • Get notified of Deals near you
  • Brand messages
  • Exclusive offers, just for you
  • Receive content that's only relevant to you
  • 3 Shoutouts per day
  • More features added regularly


Our Marketplace will get you the best deals on products in fashion, electronics, gaming, travel and many more. Simply use the Zero App and each deal will help you go to $0.

  • Optional - Switch it on or off any time on the Zero App
  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Gaming
  • Travel
  • Simple and Easy
  • More features added regularly

The Zero App operates on Android and iOS  mobile phones only. 
An Android or iOS based smartphone is required for activation of our service and using the Zero app.

Available for download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App store upon release.

The Zero App is provided by Zero Technologies Pty Ltd