We reward


We believe in rewarding loyalty, not punishing it by offering deals exclusively to new customers only. That’s why, everything that we offer will always ensure that the existing customers are getting the same or more value as any new customers will.

mobile id

Smart Activation

Seamless App based service activation, using latest technology to identify you. All this from a SIM card delivered directly to your mailbox. Avoid the hassle of going to a retail store or waiting at home for delivery.

account management

All in One Account Management

Manage your account directly using the Zero App. You can add data, view your bills or make manual payments if you need to. Using the Zero App, you can also contact us securely if you require any support.

4G network

Superior Network

We aim to provide you the best value and overall experience as a Zero Mobile customer. You will notice superior speeds and connectivity by using a smartphone to connect to our 4G network.

referral bonus

Ongoing Invite Credits

Available to customers who join us in beta stage only. Simply invite friends and family members using the Zero App. If they become active with Zero within 6 months of that, you start seeing the rewards.

members deals

Exclusive Shoutouts

Our Shoutouts are all about you. We aim to know you, what you like and what you don't so we can help you cut the clutter. No more wasting time jumping through hoops to get that 2% off something you like.

zero market

Zero Marketplace

We will work hard to populate the best curated deals for you on our in-app marketplace. We aim to provide you with the best value, ease of access and secure single billing each month.