Ready to

jump across?

Postpaid or Prepaid, we'll welcome you with open arms.

Regardless of which plan you're currently on, we've outlined the steps below to make your switch painless and hassle free.


With Zero Mobile you can keep your existing postpaid numbers. Simply provide your porting details when you complete your registration and we will seamlessly move your existing postpaid number across to us. 


Due to technical constraints beyond our control, we are unable to transfer prepaid numbers across. Prepaid customers are welcome to sign-up for a service with us and we will provide you with a new number.

Local or Foreigner

Whether you are a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident or a long-term pass holder living in Singapore, we do not discriminate against you. Our service is open equally to anyone that lives in Singapore. 


With our unique pricing model, our service is not open to everyone that may be eligible for it. Our algorithm manages the activation que based on a number of factors such as signup date, invitation date and the number of services available to be activated each month. Exact number of available services for connection in each cycle will be published on our website regularly.

        Delivery and Digital Activation

        We will deliver your SIM card to you (subject to regulatory approval) or you can pick it up from one of our access locations. You will be advised of that when you complete your registration using our mobile app.  Our automated verification process ensures that most customers are activated within a few hours, unless it requires manual verification where the service will usually be active within 48 hours.