Here's what we're all


Our Philosophy

A New Service Philosophy

At the core of our company philosophy exists a simple rule that existing customers should get the same, if not more value, than new customers – always! We believe in rewarding loyalty, not punishing it by offering deals and discounts exclusively to new customers only. That’s why, everything that we offer will always ensure that the existing customers are getting the same or more value as any new customers will.

Feel Free Usage Philosophy

We constantly review the average call, text and data usage in Singapore to ensure that we provide sufficient allowance for our customers as part of our offerings. We also ensure that we structure our products and services in a manner which provides best overall experience and value to all our customers – all the time – and not just the new customers.

Our Promise to Always Innovate

We believe in innovation. We believe that the best companies are those that are always seeking ways to push boundaries and do things better, companies that challenge the way things are done and figure out ways to do things better. Our promise is to be a company that will always innovate to add value for all our customers, partners and stakeholders. 

We are Part of the Community

We believe that the future of enterprise is social. We believe the future belongs to corporations with the conscience. We work hard to not only provide great value to our customers but we intend to use the power of technology to make a difference in the Community.  Whether it's donations or community drives, you will be able to count on us to be there to help.