Financial Hardship

We are here to help you.

Financial Hardship 

We understand that sometimes unexpected events can happen in life that can affect your ability to meet your financial obligations.

We may be able to offer you assistance if you are genuinely finding it difficult to pay your Zero SG accounts due to financial hardship. 

What is financial hardship?

You may be in financial hardship if you want to pay your bills but don't have access to the funds to do so.

While each situation is unique, in general, financial hardship can be short or long term in duration. Common events that can lead to hardship include:

  • Injury or illness

  • Unemployment / reduction of income

  • Family breakdown

  • Domestic violence

  • Natural disaster

  • Death in the Family

If you feel you need some assistance, please get in touch with us to discuss options available for you.

How can we help?

Our aim is to assist you in controlling your outstanding balance with us from increasing further whilst attempting to help you to reduce it. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to offer you installments for the outstanding amount or deferred payments. 

If you think that you need our assistance in meeting your financial obligations with us, please fill out the financial hardship application below and we will be happy to assist you further. 

Financial Hardship Application 

Frequency of payments for the above amount?

Please upload evidence of your financial hardship

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